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12 Sounds, 21 Symbols and 15 Keys Mike explains why there are only 15 “traditional”major scales, in 15 major keys, with 15 major key signatures.
All The Chords I Needed To Know, I Learned At My First Lesson Mike enfolds five movable major chord forms into one holistic fretboard.
Bass Harmonic Numerics Mike presents important insights into the creation of "harmony numerals" which guarantees harmonic success in all keys.
Bass Patterns:
In and Out of Sync
Mike delivers 12 essential 12 bar bass patterns - plus a bonus bass line from the genius of Ray Charles.
Glossary of Music, Bass and Musician Mike defines words and terms that every musician playing bass should know.
Harmony Rhythm’s Fatal Flaw Part 1 Mike explains the problem of Meter Slashes and presents the solution!
Hit Song Harmony and Progressions Mike recaps the development of harmony from 1722 to the present and then updates this knowledge so that you can play 18 Hit Songs.
How to Make a Short Song Long Mike introduces music's most common "signs of direction" - the repeat signs.
Improve Your Improvisation Mike defines improvisation and presents three types of chords, arpeggios and scales from which to choose.
Learning is a Process Mike invites you to read a list of student questions that will lead you from the 'tempo of thought' to the 'tempo of performance'.
Major Scale Harmony Spelling Mike shows how to spell 49 different harmonies with only seven major scale letters.
Mother Nature + Father Time = Rhythm Mike shows what happens when Mother Nature and Father Time get together.
Music Math:
2 + 2 = 3!
Mike explores the mysteries of "music math" and discovers the basis of all harmony - nine triads.
Natural Fun Outside the Box Mike explains how to play in "extended" position on a 4, 5 or 6 string bass.
Nature of the Sign Mike brings clarity and simplicity to understanding the difference between the certainty of key signature and the probability of key.
Parabola of 4th and 5th Intervals Mike cleans the slate” and presents a new view of the incorrectly named “circle” of 4ths and 5ths.
Sign Before Symbol Mike explores the similarities and differences between sign and symbol so that you may play with speed and clarity.
The Process of Progression Mike asks: What Type of Student Are You?
Tonal Center Modulation Mike teaches you to identify a song’s “changing keys” by the harmony progression.
The Whole Truth About Bass TAB Mike clarifies TAB notation and then illustrates its complete structure.
The Z Angle Unison Connector Mike reveals 7 one octave major scale "forms" and then shows how to connect forms to create two octave major scales on the bass.
Igor Saavedra Interview Mike interviews Igor Saavedra, Master 8 string bassist that every musician playing bass should know.
What a Coincidence: Unison Tuning Mike unfolds the absolute, perfect and relative tuning process of the 4 string bass.

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