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The guitar flashcards showed up during the weekend, like Tony the Tiger says: THEY'RE GREAT!!! I'm already having a good time with them. When I received them, I really scrutinized them, trying to find something that I would have done differently. Long story short, they're thoughtfully designed and well organized. I plan to order the Guitar EncycloMedia and the Jazz DVD after the holidays. Dale N., Duluth, MN.

Guitar EncycloMedia contains an amazing wealth of material for guitarists of any level. There is enough information in this book to provide a lifetime of learning and experimentation. Thank you for sharing your knowledge! - Charles Michael Brotman, Hawaii's First Grammy award winning producer and guitarist, Palm Records.

Guitar EncycloMedia contains more information than I knew I wanted to know. Frank D., Nashville, TN.

12 Tone Music products get our Highest Recommendation! - Guitar Digest Magazine. Athens, OH

I literally used up my old flashcard deck and am eager to get the new ones.  I think I lost them in Australia last summer.  No matter how many times I go through them, I can always refine my knowledge by continuing to use them.  When jamming the blues, I know right where to go for whatever note I want. When writing a song, the flashcard knowledge has been invaluable. I am always impressed with your enthusiasm for learning more about music with the guitar as a focal point. Keep up the great work.  Although guitar is mainly a hobby for me, your 12tone music items make it a better pastime than it would be without them. Dr. Bill, KS.

I love the flashcards! I only wish I had found them a few years ago. My instructor was also very impressed with your flashcards, and will recommend them to new, beginning students in the future. Joe S., Lansing, MI.

Guitar EncycloMedia is awesome. A very comprehensive and all inclusive book. It's all you need to educate yourself as a guitar player! - Pete Anderson , multi-platinum, Grammy award winning producer and guitarist for Dwight Yoakam.

I spent time with the Bass EncycloMedia and am very impressed! As a professional bass player for over 30 years, I didn't think I had much to learn from the Bass EncycloMedia. Boy, was I wrong! This book is filled with practical and highly musical techniques and information that will benefit bass players who have passed beyond the "beginner" stage. The book is written the way most bass players think.....visually instead of in notation. This is a great addition to the library of bass players of any style and any ability level. Dr. Robert A. Cutietta, Dean - The Thornton School of Music -The University of Southern California.

I just received the 4 string bass flashcards and wanted to tell you how comprehensive and usable they are. Jay L., Tel Aviv.

I often encounter creative, accomplished guitarists who are seriously hampered by the feeling that they "don't know what they're doing". A player in this category may be reluctant to play with others, and when they do, they may feel insecure and unable to play at their best. Guitar EncycloMedia provides the perfect solution for this. To someone who is self-taught and has been playing for a while, some of the material in the GEM will feel and sound familiar, but will now have a name and a theoretical basis. It's exciting for an intuitive musician to discover that one of their favorite concepts is part of a bigger picture. This player will then feel confident proceeding into areas of Guitar EncycloMedia that are less familiar. Mike efficiently presents a huge gamut of musical information (important scales, arpeggios, chords and interesting progressions, all with the intent of hands-on playing) in a way that is clear, easily applied, and does not require the guitarist to read musical notation (staff notes) or TAB. I first met Mike when I was in high school and we were both teaching guitar in a suburban music store. He was the first heavy musician I spent real time with, and I was amazed by his dedication, his playing, and the originality of his musical direction. Tapping into his energy at that time proved to be a turning point for me, and an important factor in my choice to be a professional musician. - Randy Roos, Associate Professor of Guitar, Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA.

Guitar EncycloMedia is a fully indexed, easy to read and understand book that provides valuable information on every page. Everyone who plays guitar should have a copy as both a complete method and reference. Terry Petra, Guitar Trainer, Consultant

Mike, your products are outstanding. I love the flashcards and the EncycloMedia. Please update me whenever you come up with new product because I know I want it. I also purchased some bass flashcards for my bass player and he was thrilled with them. Thanks for the great product. If I had this when I was eighteen...I would have been light years ahead today. Matt D., New York, NY.

Guitar EncycloMedia is an in-depth guide to music theory on the guitar fretboard. - Elderly Instruments, Lansing, MI.

Bass EncycloMedia is a most profound revelation! I am certain that this book - written with cool analysis and prophetic vision - will have a most significant effect on any player who studies it. It is an important contribution to those thinking bass. - Marshall "Rock" Jones - Mega Bass Master for the Ohio Players.

Guitar EncycloMedia is without question the best, most thorough, outstanding guitar study I have ever seen; and I have looked far and wide (I think I have bought every guitar book ever written - that's over).  This is exactly the kind of studies I have been working on for a couple of years, since I couldn't find the right stuff - I was just writing my own.  But you have covered everything, and in great detail.  I really appreciate your work; and when you have a new book finished -- I want it!  Jack M. Chiang Rai, Thailand

Words can not express my appreciation for this great work of art you created in the Guitar Encyclomedia.  I have spent most of my life trying to figure out the guitar.  I was a guitar major in college and have exhausted a ton of books just to become more confused!  At last, the Guitar Encyclomedia has come to save me!  You are such a genius to come up with such a simple, systematic, and visual approach to learning the guitar. The challenge has become fun and extremely rewarding.  The book search is over!  There is NO need to seek anything else.  It is all right here in the Guitar Encyclomedia.  I now turn every guitar player I know on to your book. Thanks so much for your gift to guitarists!"- Master Luthier of fine handcrafted arch-top guitars, Ed Schaefer of Schaefer Guitars.

Thank you very much for the wonderful Bass EncycloMedia. Congratulations! You are truly an extraordinary teacher. Brian Tracy - Brian Tracy International, America's foremost authority on developing peak performance and individual success achievement.

Bass EncycloMedia is one of the most informative music text books that I’ve ever come across.  Being a former educator, I’ve seen and used books that were very boring and non-interactive.  Your materials are different, they are very practical, exciting and fun.  With them the student will learn much more than the instrument itself, they will learn the relation of the instrument to the theory.  I commend you on your innovative thinking. - Nathan Aweau, two time Na Hoku Hanohano Award winner and legendary Don Ho bass player.

Guitar EncycloMedia is worth its weight in gold!!!! I own hundreds of guitar books and if I could only keep one, this is the one I would keep. This a very unique book which takes the mystery out of guitar and clarifies musical concepts in a very understandable and methodical way. This book is like a Rosetta Stone for guitar. This is by far the best guitar book I have ever purchased. Dave B. Dayton, OH.

The Fretboard Flashcards are very useful for my students, thanks. Mario M., Hong Kong, China

I have played bass for almost 30 years. I'm also a private bass guitar instructor. Finally someone has written a bass book that is visual. Not only explaining in text but with diagrams. Most students I teach are visual learner's. They need to see it as well as hear it. I have found a new way to reach my students using Bass EncycloMedia. I also recommend to my serious students that they get this book. Mike has done a wonderful job of presenting bass theory and making it easy to understand and apply to real playing situations. Bass EncycloMedia will fill in the gaps of questions you have with other method books. Jay Z., Raleigh, NC.

I am really impressed with the quantity and quality of info in the Guitar EncycloMedia. I am working hard to try to absorb as much as possible. Now, with GEM Jam, it is even more enjoyable! Ed P., Alachua, FL.

I received a copy of your Guitar EncycloMedia a few weeks ago. What you've put together is simply amazing - a mathematical analysis of the fretboard. As mentioned early on in the manual, memorization of 1000's of chord patterns is an exercise in futility. I now have the theory required to analyze and understand chord construction and the underlying note progression which will make the "second time through" far more interesting. Mike M., Boerne, TX.

I got the EncycloMedia the day after I ordered it and I must say it is the best instructional book I have encountered by far! So many of the books out there simply present chord forms for a student to memorize as opposed to showing relationships, structure, theory, etc. For a change, I feel like I'll be making some real progress -- and thoroughly understanding the material -- instead of merely playing by rote. Keep up the good work! Jack L. Columbus, OH.

I just got your guitar flashscards and they look like they will help me a lot. Being 60 years old, I have a hard time with some songs. Thanks again, I am at your site five times a week. Great job! Bob B., Chicago, IL.

I didn't expect this, but this has turned out to be one of those very rare times in my life (I can only name a couple right now) where I am actually appreciating something more as time goes by, not less. Usually, I lose interest in new things somewhat as the initial excitement wears off--I suppose that's only natural. But Guitar EncycloMedia has had just the opposite effect. The more I ponder what I am learning, the more thankful I am for you and your hard work--your life of hard work, really. Mike C. Dayton, OH.

Thank you for the excellent instruction found in Guitar EncycloMedia. It has opened my eyes to the dedication required of a musician, as well as a glimpse of the satisfaction gained from playing an instrument. Fred R., Columbia, MN.

Having worked my way through some of the GEM, I would like to congratulate you on the amazing effort you have put in to it. It is certainly the best guitar instruction book I have come across. Paul T., New Zealand.

I learned more from Mike in 6 months than I did in 4 years at school. Tim F., Centerville, OH.

I've been playing for 30 years and had come to the conclusion that all I can do is copy other peoples music. I have over a 100 books on modes and such but none of them has motivated me enough to stick with them. However, your book is really different. Now, I'm finally playing my own music. Thank you Mike! Rick D., Dallas, TX.

Just wanted you to know that this was exactly what I was looking for. I had taken lessons when I was about 15 but didn't keep up with it. Now I'm 40 so I decided to try an instrument I always wanted to play, bass. Thanks for this great book and flashcards, I'll certainly recommend you to anyone I know who plays the bass. Joe C., Boston, MA.

Your online lessons are great! It's always nice to see someone will to share their knowledge to make learning a little bit easier for those just starting out. I'm a firm believer that knowledge only has value when you use it and share it with others. Keep up the good work. J. Rex L., Web surfer

Thanks to the simplistic explanations to many infamous music queries presented in this book, my understanding of music theory has extensively broadened. Mike has figured out many vital truths about music that are neglected, and many alternative teaching methods to clarify confusing theory "mumbo- jumbo". Anyone truly serious about learning their instrument, the bass, will check out this inventive ground breaking book. Philip F., Dayton, OH.

Awesome book! Gary M., Indianapolis, IN.

I love the Guitar EncycloMedia. You don't know what it has done for me. Dave F. Columbus, OH.

Yikes! You must have put endless hours into this book! It's incredible! Excellent work! I think the book is great...I spend about 10 minutes daily on the flashcards and about 20 minutes a day with the EncycloMedia. Bill J., Shoreview, MN.

The Jazz Guitar Video is a huge wealth of information. It is a very good video. Darin C. Bakersfield, CA.

The Guitar Flashcards are great, I've already made a lot of progress with them! Bill J., Stowe, VT.

Thanks to your book I finally understand how the guitar chords get put together and how the strings work together. Lief E. Knoxville, KY.

I have received my order of flashcards and encyclomedia and I would like to thank you for the personal note inside. The book was a treat for myself to celebrate my 31st birthday and an inscription makes it all the more special. David R., United Kingdom

Your FREE online lessons are of great help and encouragement to me. Rishnel R., Web Surfer

I use your 5 string bass flashcards daily - an excellent tool! Isaac B., Chula Vista, CA.

Thanks so much for the Guitar EncycloMedia. I realize that this is the approach and the journey. I know this is the way. Michael A., Daly City, CA.

I just wanted to thank you for the prompt delivery of my guitar flashcards. I am finding them VERY useful. I also wanted to commend you on the quality of the flashcards. They are very well done and easy to read and the system is also very well thought out and easy to use. I found out about your cards through a recommendation and I'll be sure to recommend them to anybody else who needs to learn the fretboard! Matt T., Coral Springs, FL.

Thanks for such a great book and for showing interest in your customers/students. Dave C., Erie, PA.

I ordered your EncycloMedia and set of flashcards and received them very quickly. Appreciate that. Your book is very comprehensive and well laid out with very good graphics. I just wanted to thank you for your product and let you know that I appreciate the personal attention you give those who wish to share your knowledge. I was impressed by you personally signing the book...one doesn't see that kind of concern for clients or customers these days. John D., Kanab, UT.

I ordered your bass flashcards a while back and can't thank you enough. Jerry C., Manoa, Hawaii

Thanks for such a great set of resources. Brent M., Ventura, CA.

Thanks again for re-kindling my interest in guitar. I really had learned almost nothing in the last 15 years. Once I started learning again, my enthusiasm came back. I started figuring out more and more, and most importantly, started creating again. That's priceless. Rob C., Lexington, KY.

I have been applying your articles in Guitar Digest Magazine to my playing and find them quite helpful. Marc B., Subscriber

Thank you for the excellent instruction. It opened my eyes to the dedication required of a musician, as well as a glimpse of the satisfaction gained from playing an instrument. Robert D. Glenwood Springs, CO.

I really am enjoying the EncycloMedia along with the flashcards. I feel more confident when playing. I feel sure that with deeper study in the book, I will have accomplished what I have set out to do - learning more about my guitar. Gary W. Fort Wayne, IN

Very impressive website and system! Tim M. Eugene, OR.

My name is Atilla and I am a bass player. I am watching your site and I couldn't believe so much information on one place. Respect. Atilla A. Bosnia

I got your book last year and things are going fine. Please let me know when your CD's and Video's are completed. I would like to buy both. Larry P. Memphis, TN.

You are a great asset to the Industry! Samantha W. NY., NY.

I'm a happy returning customer! Albert Y. Billings, MT.

After taking the lessons from your web site I am so impressed that I am going to order the book and continue with your lessons. Ed B. Culver City, CA.

Guitar Encyclomedia has greatly helped me in my guitar playing. My best reference book for the guitar. Thx... James P. Colfax, CA

I've only begun to dent the GEM, but I feel like I have a chance at making my dream of playing a reality. Tim C. Oak Park, IL.

Bass EncycloMedia is perfect for me as a refresher and to learn new things... I prefer the visual approach. James W. Trenton, NJ.

Let me tell you how much I have been enjoying re-learning the guitar with the Guitar EncycloMedia book. I like your diagrams and scale position concepts. Great book to study with. Paul H. Houston, TX.

I really like your approach to teaching, plus I can tell you have a good vibe. Those web site lessons are quite educational and comprehensible; it's opening a lot of doors! Paul M. University of Iowa

Thanks for making quality training materials. Michael S. Urbandale, IA.

I just wanted to let you know that you really knew what you were doing when you put the GEM together. I am convinced that your work in the GEM will be a mainstay for me for a lifetime of music. You have done a great job! There has been several people who have seen me studying the GEM over lunch (or my Fretboard Flashcards), and they ask about it. I tell them that it is the best book that they could possibly get to get an understanding of guitar...and when I say that I know that it is true. Darin C. Madison, WI.

I've been playing bass guitar for 20 years now and I have yet too find a better bass book than Bass Encyclomedia. It is truly the best bass book for beginners & advanced bassist alike. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to start or advance in the bass guitar world. Carlos M., Dayton, OH.

4 string bass flashcards was just what I was looking for! Mike H. Sacramento, CA.

Excellent tools! Charles K. Cincinnati, OH.

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